Our Vision

Our vision is to develop green technology solely based on microbial processes for the treatment of waste and pollutions as well as sustainable extraction and mining of elements.

Our MycoCube

MycoCube is a portable treatment plant in which the active component is fungi. It is used in-situ to minimize transportation of pollutions, and the system can be re-used at several sites. It is scaleable as MycoCubes can be added to each other depending on the volume of the pollution.  

Our Goals

Our goal is to solve environmental debts as well as prevent new ones. 

Our ambition is to meet the UN Sustainable development goals:

Our MycoCube is used to treat ground-, surface-, lake- and seawater from hydrocarbon-based pollutions like oil spills.

Our MycoCube can be used in treatment plants, water reservoirs etc to improve living conditions in urban areas.

Our MycoCube can be used to clean oil spills at sea and improve life quality of sea-life.

Our MycoCube is based on novel research and innovations applicable for the industry and society.

Our MycoCube resolve environmental debts as well as prevent new ones to create a sustainable present.

Our MycoCube can be used to treat polluted soils-, sediments and groundwater to improve life on land.

Our Partners

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