At MycoMine we develop portable treatment plants called MycoCubes in which hydrocarbon-based contaminants like oil, diesel and various fuels are degraded and recycled into biomass – a green and natural product. The active component in our MycoCubes are fungi.

A single MycoCube can handle 1m3 of polluted material, but our system is modular and scalable and so additional MycoCubes can be added according to demand and the volume of waste that requires treatment/remediation.

Our MycoCubes can handle various types of material. They can manage water polluted by oils or diesel but also polluted soils, sediments and other particulate deposits. In the latter the material is kept in suspension by adding water.

The end-product is biomass, a natural product that can be composed or used for pellet or bio fuel production

Scaling-up the system.



We can offer installation of pilot systems in a four-step process:

Planning - in situ investigation sampling and laboratory-based analysis

Installation of MycoCube


Restoration of site


Pilot system

In collaboration with Fortifikationsverket we will initiate our pilot during autumn and winter 2022-2023. The pilot system will be installed in a mine, managed by Fortifikationsverket, which has been used as a fuel storage. The primary objective is to clean the water of the mine shaft with the aim to restore the environment of the mine. Water containing remains of oil will be treated and cleaned in our system MycoCube. Our fungi will degrade the oils and turning it to biomass, which is a natural and harmless end-product.