We are MycoMine

We are a Swedish start-up creating sustainable systems based on the concept of MycoMining – extraction, precipitation and decomposition of elements, metals and chemical compounds using fungi. We use fungi to decompose hydrocarbons, which are converted into non-toxic biomass – a totally natural and environmentally friendly end-product. We also develop biological systems for remediation and mining of metals and Rare Earth Elements.


Magnus Ivarsson

PhD in Geology. Associate Professor and active researcher in geobiology with focus on life in extreme environments, deep biosphere and microbe-mineral interactions, especially fungi.

Magnus is responsible for the overall operations including personell, production, business strategy, customer contact, merchandise and promotion.


Kristoffer Palmgren

Bachelor in molecular biology focused on fungal bioremediation. Bachelor in fine arts with long experience in biological-based art and design.

Kristoffer is responsible for the tech- and laboratory work, as well as the development of products.


Oona Snoeyenbos-West

PhD’s in Biology and Geoscience. Active researcher in geobiology with focus on environmental microbiology, mycoremediation, bioinformatics & microbiome prospecting.  Oona has experience with biotech start-up & entrepreneurship in the US.

Oona is scientific coordinator and responsible for R&D, scientific consultation, data management and social media outreach.


Björn Ohlsén

Björn has a background in economic and financial planning.

Björn is responsible for finance, economy and legal matters.